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We believe that a professionally performed and presented architectural land survey is the best way to start the design to approval process, and is vital to the ultimate success of the project.

As Santa Barbara Land Survey professionals, we know that an architectural land survey is actually the combination of two types of surveys: boundary surveys and topographic surveys. We understand the importance of: the parcel boundary being located correctly, and the topographic features being shown accurately.

Our experience with everything from the simple to some of the most challenging property line boundary surveys, combined with years of mapping residential, commercial, and industrial sites of all levels of complexity and types of terrain, provides architects peace of mind when they work with Right Angle Land Survey.

What to expect from Right Angle Land Survey:

  • An accurate survey of the site providing a base map which will be used confidently
  • Appropriate mapping detail to the level necessary, throughout the project limits
  • An intelligent layered, scaled, and coordinated AutoCAD product that is easy to use
  • Any and all spot elevations necessary to complete the contour information
  • All easements of record plotted

Our Santa Barbara architectural clients know they have a solid basis for their project, and will not face future surprises impeding the design and construction processes.

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Santa Barbara Realtors Seeking Land Surveyors

Realtors provide a multitude of services during the listing and closing processes, including finding a surveyor. The buyers or sellers may need anything from a simple four corner lot survey to a topographic map, a lot line adjustment, or an easement survey. High value commercial, industrial, and residential properties frequently trigger a lender-required ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey.

Our broad range of Santa Barbara professional land survey experience accomplishes fast and effective results.

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Land Surveying For Contractors & Developers

As a Santa Barbara builder, you may be in the role of developer or contractor. Whether you are starting a new project or pulling permits, Right Angle Land Survey will provide a quicker turn-around plan check experience and fast, effective survey staking. Here’s how:

We understand that every hour on the construction site costs money. We quickly get self-checking survey construction stakes in the ground so they are always error free. Our survey stakes are easy to use because we talk to the contractor or subcontractor about the best way to place the stakes and we do not leave the site without providing a comprehensible staking plan (cut sheet).

At Right Angle Land Survey, we shorten entitlement processes because our subdivision maps–lot line adjustments, parcel maps, tract maps, and records of survey–present the data clearly and follow correct boundary survey legal principles, from the start. This eliminates extra plan check cycles. Not only that, the owner of Right Angle Land Survey spent much of his career as a consultant to local plan check agencies, and is able work with the agency personnel to get the fastest results.

Whether you are starting the entitlement process or you are ready for construction, our Santa Barbara surveyors have the extra experience to keep your project moving quickly and correctly.

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Property Owners

Land Surveys for Santa Barbara Property Owners
As a property owner in Santa Barbara, you may want a land survey for a wide variety of reasons: remodeling, legalizing an illegal lot, encroachments by neighbors, or building new structures on a vacant lot. Or, you may simply want to know where your property lines are.

At Right Angle Land Survey, we carefully discuss your project with you and we help you find the type of land survey that best fits your needs. We do not use on-line quote forms. You get the right Santa Barbara Land Survey, performed correctly, the first time.

We look forward to discussing your project with you; please contact us today.

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