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We believe that a professionally performed and presented architectural land survey is the best way to start the design to the approval process, and is vital to the ultimate success of the project.

As Santa Barbara Land Survey professionals, we know that an architectural land survey is actually the combination of two types of surveys: boundary surveys and topographic surveys. We understand the importance of the parcel boundary being located correctly, and the topographic features being shown accurately.

Our experience with everything from the simple to some of the most challenging property line boundary surveys, combined with years of mapping residential, commercial, and industrial sites of all levels of complexity and types of terrain, provides architects peace of mind when they work with Right Angle Land Survey.

What to expect from Right Angle Land Survey:

  • An accurate survey of the site providing a base map which will be used confidently
  • Appropriate mapping detail to the level necessary, throughout the project limits
  • An intelligent layered, scaled, and coordinated AutoCAD product that is easy to use
  • Any and all spot elevations necessary to complete the contour information
  • All easements of record plotted

Our Santa Barbara architectural clients know they have a solid basis for their project, and will not face future surprises impeding the design and construction processes.

We invite you to contact us today.

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