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As a Santa Barbara builder, you may be in the role of developer or contractor. Whether you are starting a new project or pulling permits, Right Angle Land Survey will provide a quicker turn-around plan check experience and fast, effective survey staking. Here’s how:

We understand that every hour on the construction site costs money. We quickly get self-checking survey construction stakes in the ground so they always error free. Our survey stakes are easy to use because we talk to the contractor or subcontractor about the best way to place the stakes and we do not leave the site without providing a comprehensible staking plan (cut sheet).

At Right Angle Land Survey, we shorten entitlement processes because our subdivision maps–lot line adjustments, parcel maps, tract maps, and records of the survey–present the data clearly and follow correct boundary survey legal principles, from the start. This eliminates extra plan check cycles. Not only that, the owner of Right Angle Land Survey spent much of his career as a consultant to local plan check agencies, and is able to work with the agency personnel to get the fastest results.

Whether you are starting the entitlement process, or you are ready for construction, our Santa Barbara surveyors have the extra experience to keep your project moving quickly and correctly.

Contact Right Angle Land Survey today to discuss your project.

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