Topographic Surveys

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Surveyors prepare maps of sites before new construction, or improvements, are designed and built. This type of map is referred to as a topographic survey, and is vital for the design professionals to know where to place the improvements for maximum benefit and proper water runoff. A topographic survey requires the collection of field data by electronic laser measurement and/or GPS technology. The data is converted to coordinates so that each measurement, or shot, has an exact horizontal and vertical location. The coordinates are processed, usually with a CAD (computer aided drafting) program, to create an accurate visual and digital representation of the site. The use of CAD has made the sharing of information between design professionals (surveyors, architects, and engineers) very easy.

Boundary Surveys

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Surveyors locate the land parcel boundaries, or property lines, for planning, design, construction, or for the property owners’ general knowledge. Properly locating property lines requires much more than the application of geometry. The first step is the review of the historical deeds and maps which have created the written record of the property lines. Next, the boundary surveyor must find whatever physical evidence exists in the area; usually this is in the form of survey monuments marking points and lines. These monuments may be iron pipes, wood stakes, or brass tags set in concrete. The final steps are: applying legal principles, mathematical calculations, and if warranted, setting new monuments. Anytime a licensed surveyor sets a new monument, he is professionally obligated to record the survey in the County Surveyor’s office. Without this important step, it is impossible to verify that the survey is correct.

Property Owners

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Land Surveys for Santa Barbara Property Owners
As a property owner in Santa Barbara, you may want a land survey for a wide variety of reasons: remodeling, legalizing an illegal lot, encroachments by neighbors, or building new structures on a vacant lot. Or, you may simply want to know where your property lines are.

At Right Angle Land Survey, we carefully discuss your project with you and we help you find the type of land survey that best fits your needs. We do not use on-line quote forms. You get the right Santa Barbara Land Survey, performed correctly, the first time.

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